Procurement , supply, installation and maintenance of specialized Oil Field Equipment and Devices of all types including Data storage system and Communication Equipment.
Richardson Oil and gas currently has strategic alliances with international buying houses around the world. These alliances facilitate the procurement processes of various equipment and parts for our various clients.
As a general Oilfield supply company, we can quote any Oilfield item at competitive prices and prompt deliveries. We are also capable of supplying hard to find parts and accessories.

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  • Pipes, pumps and valves

    • Valves and actuators Hoses
    • Pumps parts and accessories Pipe fittings and flanges
  • Equipment & Instrumentation

    • Laboratory Equipment
    • Measuring Equipment Offshore Instrumentation
    • Process and control equipment
    • Instrumentation & Tools
  • Project support & Services

    • Commercial project supplies
    • Emergency project supplies
    • Project support services
  • Petrochemical

    • Pressure vessels
    • Separators & filters
    • Compressors
  • Oil Field Safety Supplies

    • Fire protection Equipment
    • Hazardous Area Supplies
  • Mechanical & Electrical Supply

    • Engines Motors and Parts Generators and Transformers
    • Heavy equipment & Machinery
    • Lifting Equipment and Cranes
    • Lifting and Electrical Products
    • Mechanical and Electrical Parts.
    • Welding and Cutting Equipment
  • Gaskets
  • Scientific & Laboratory Equipment
  • Generators and Generator spare parts
  • Medical Equipment
  • Machine Tools
  • Equipment Spare parts