Process Safety and Reliability Group (PSRG) Inc. is a full service Process Safety, Security, Reliability, Environmental, Health, Loss Prevention, Risk management consulting and Training firm providing some of the finest quality, most reliable, responsive and cost effective HSSE services to the hydrocarbon and chemical process industries today.

Richardson Oil and Gas limited (RICHARDSON) is an oil and gas sector support company that provides high Quality Solutions and Services to the Energy, Manufacturing and Oil and Gas sectors throughout Nigeria.
PSRG and RICHARDSON have joined forces to provide world class solutions that continuously add value to the business and operations of its diverse clients.

Our approach is professionally geared towards the provision of workable, comprehensive solutions that meet all the specific needs of our clients.
One of our several initiatives is the PSRG –RICHARDSON HSSE FORUM.

The PSRG – RICHARDSON HSSE Forum is a platform for the convergence of players in the Oil and Gas, Manufacturing sectors and indeed HSSE practitioners; to meet, discuss, analyze issues in Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) practices in Nigeria and relate these with International best practices.
It is an avenue to share industry challenges and proffer workable solutions to issues related to Health, Safety, Security and Environment.
The event, which will be held on the penultimate Tuesday of September yearly, will be a forum for enlightenment on issues of Health, Safety and the Environment in the Oil and Gas and Manufacturing industries. Hopefully, with the event, the need for constantly practicing quality HSSE in our industries will be fully understood.

The forum intends to capture and build up the bridges in HSSE Management across the various industry strata, preach the importance of HSSE practice in our operations and also change the perception of some industrialists that implementation of safety measures comes as an extra cost. Effective HSSE Management and Implementation will in reality act as cost saving measures. It should always be noted that putting safety measures in place is to prioritize a workplace free of all recognizable hazards.

The HSSE Forum proposes to have the sole aim of enshrining HSSE principles and practices into the business ethos of practitioners in the industries.
The PSRG –RICHARDSON HSSE Forum will provide a unique networking opportunity for participants to share ideas, monitor trends and practices and address issues with experts in their respective fields.