Inc. is a Global Supplier of integrated HSSE solutions and services to the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power /Energy clients worldwide.

is a leading provider of a variety of industrial valves for chemical, Petrochemical and Energy industries.

is an international supplier of personnel that offers proven experience and quality manpower to the Oil & Gas, Power, Energy, Water & Wastewater, Manufacturing, Petrochemical, and Process Industries.

is a leader in providing industrial protective coatings and repair composites. They provide solutions to a variety of industries including power generation, petrochemical, water/wastewater, marine, and oil and gas.

are manufacturers of Air Lift bags , Inflatable buoyancy units ,pipeline and cable floatation systems, water weights , fenders, seamarks , drogues ,tanks ,mine recovery bags and other buoyancy / water weight products.

produces and markets Dry Disconnect Couplings, DDCouplings®. These products are for safe and environmentally friendly handling of aggressive mediums for the chemical and petrochemical industries.

is a leading Belgian manufacturer with over 15 years experience in the manufacturing of stainless steel filter tubes. The tubes are mainly applied for the filtration of liquids, in different kinds of industries including the Petrochemical, Food Processing industries etc.

has been a reputed address for designing Pipe Handling Equipment for the Oil and Gas Industry both on – and offshore as well as for the geothermal industry for the past 45 years. Blohm + Voss Oil Tools is a German Pipe Handling Equipment manufacturing company that has the know-how and financial strength to handle complex projects.

specializes in the provision of premier Health, Safety and Environmental solutions. HSE Solutions is the exclusive sub-Saharan Africa distributor for Honeywell Safety Products (Formerly Sperian Protection) as well as a range of Nederman products. HSE Solutions is a division of the Sturrock and Robson Group.

products help make valve control easier in ways as diverse as the applications in which they are used. Limitorque valve control solutions have been making control easier at the field-device level for over 80 years. Limitorque actuators drive multi-turn and quarter-turn industrial valves and dampers, day after day, year after year, using conventional and advanced technologies to reduce costs and increase operating efficiencies for customers.

is a leading American manufacturer of Energy Exchange, Hydra-Lectrik and Electric Drive Rotary Gear Pumps for Glycol (TEG) Gas Dehydration Systems. They manufacture for different industries including the Petrochemical, Food processing industries, etc.

is a specialist in automation technology, material handling solutions, intra-logistics and customized mechanical engineering for decades, is a qualified partner for all areas of industries. Their concentration in the special area of transport and manipulation of materials, covering both suspended and floor standing equipment, enables them to implement the most unusual solutions.

is a certified ISO 9001:2008 international company with their headquarters in Germany. Their philosophy is to continuously develop tailor-made solutions in lifesaving equipment to meet existing and future customer requirements for equipment to protect them from drowning in any given situation.

is a JV of Chryssafidis (Greece) and AG leventis. Chrisstahl is a supplier of industrial plumbing products. The core business of Chrisstahl is to provide Oil and Gas Platforms, Manufacturing Plants(food and beverage, petrochemical etc.), construction companies, shipping and commercial entities with pipes, fittings, valves, pressure reducers, safety valves and other such products made out of iron, steel and stainless steel, bronze and plastic.

is a Global Experts in Explosion and Process Safety, with in-depth process safety expertise in all process industry sectors such as Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Food Industry etc. Dekra has a dedicated team of 20+ experienced facilitators of Process Hazard Analysis such as; HAZID,FME, What-If ,HAZOP, LOPA, FTA/Bow-Tie, SIL Assignment and Verification for new and existing plant.

is a management consulting and business education and training company founded Angus Warren to strategic services to the energy industry, primarily in the oil and gas sector.

is a manufacturer of high pressure plunger pumps, process pumps and high pressure cleaning equipment. The German company is a member of the Italian Interpump Group.